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The message that DALMA intends to leave with each customer is essentially a state of mind. ATTITUDE! Yes, attitude is the first piece to be “worn”, and with it comes a natural search for the essence of each client!

Gold on blue, we love this expression because it reminds us why we chose the brands that today give life to DALMA, the concept store that started to take its first steps…

BEATRICEB and SFIZIO are both Italians from the same group, PLISSÉ. Totally Italian design and production. Both encourage today's woman to experiment with the perfect symbiosis of cut and textures, subtly combining the classic with a contemporary twist.
One of the characteristics that I loved about these brands, in this partnership with the Plissé group, was discovering that there is no woman who cannot wear the piece she fell in love with... Beatrice and Sfizio produce all pieces in sizes 38 to 52 Italian, that is XXS to XXL.

RELISH is also Italian, it is that brand that accentuates a woman's curves, which comes to deconstruct and be the boldest note in the look she chooses.

PATRIZIA PEPE: the brand that combines everyday practicality with stylish essentials for a sharp, versatile collection. The women's collection - together with the accessories - interprets the brand's DNA in a contemporary way, resulting in a multifaceted and urban-sophisticated style.

GAELLE PARIS: Born with streetstyle DNA, Gaëlle Paris began offering its collections to a young audience between 16 and 25 years old. The business intensified over the years and diversified to include two planned seasonal collections that built on the street's legacy but were increasingly evolving into a contemporary fashion style. New glam rock clothing has increasingly targeted a more adult audience, aged between 25 and 45.

MVPwardrobe: MVP Wardrobe was born from the idea of ​​Maria Vittoria Paolillo, to create a wardrobe that is renewed and renewed monthly. This is the result of "Vichi's" inspiration, but also the needs and requests of his followers and ambassadors. MVP Wardrobe is an innovative and digital container where Maria Vittoria Paolillo's creations come to life, MVP Wardrobe is a world of style in black and white, but at the same time full of colorful ideas. Maria Vittoria is a simple girl, who loves clean styles, but with a little more, the MVP Wardrobe inspires her to represent all young women who fight for their goals and who have simplicity and respect for others at heart.

ICE-PLAY: ICE PLAY is the narrator of an electric story. A story capable of making the senses and perceptions dance. A story that captures attention with visionary atmospheres and brings you back to everyday reality. A story that offers a multicolored island to land on when the news of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s becomes bright and vibrant.

BAOBAB Belgian brand, the Rollsroyce of candles, is the reference in luxury candles and diffusers.
The fragrances are selected to create the perfect atmosphere in your home and it is also a wonderful decorative piece.

Welcome to DALMA! Make yourself at home!

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